Automatics Fire Suppression System


These systems are internationally accepted as providing reliable and effective fire protection solutions for high-value assets, processes and locations, as well as the people who work in these protected areas.

We have the knowledge and expertise to install automatic fire suppression systems. If you have a computer room, data centre or specialist manufacturing, the chances are this may require you to have an automatic gas suppression system.

We are able to provide the supply, installation and commissioning and on-going maintenance to the current standards. These will be fully automatic systems using gases such as FM200, CO2 and inergen to name a few.

Also, we are able to supply, installation and commissioning and on-going maintenance of cooking facility gas suppression systems such as Ansul.

Maintenance & Supply of Fire Extinguishers

Are you an employer, landlord, or owner of non-domestic premises in your locality? Then you are responsible for fire safety in that property and face legal actions or fines if you fail to have the necessary fire protection equipment.

We believe in securing your safety with a friction-free service at every step of the journey. Reduce the risk of accidents on your site of work, building etc.

Karachi Fire Corporation core range of extinguishers pneumatically extinguish the fire at the source without the need for external power. These are ideal for many applications and can easily be retrofitted to existing equipments.


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