Fire Hydrant System


Our fire hydrant systems(also known as fire pumps, hydrant boosters, fire water pumps) are high-pressure water pumps designed to increase the fire fighting capacity of a building by boosting the pressure in the hydrant service when mains is not enough, or when tank fed. They can also be used in water transfer and irrigation applications.

We provide engineered and fabricated systems in strict adherence to the relevant fire codes to support services as provided from initial engineering assistance through to on-site commission and after-sales service.

In order to provide sufficient water for firefighting, hydrants are sized to provide a minimum flow rate of about 250 gallons per minute (945 liters per minute), although most hydrants can provide much more. Three types of pumps are installed to ensure the smooth functioning of the hydrant system i.e Jockey, Electric and Diesel pump.

Fire hydrants should be inspected and tested once per year to ensure the water pressure and flow rate are adequate, the results should be recorded. The inspection also includes many other checks to ensure it will operate correctly.


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